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Command Vision and Priorities


 Command Vision and Priorities

“Victory through Vigilance”

Mission Statement:

To conduct information operations and provide cryptologic and related intelligence support to fleet, joint and national commanders as well as administrative and personnel support to all Department of the Navy members assigned to the Fort Meade area.

Command Vision:

NIOC Maryland will become the Information Operations Center of Excellence working as a team, seeking continuous improvement, and creating an information advantage for our Navy and Nation. Individually and as a command, we will perform our mission with integrity, honor and accountability.

Command Priorities:

  • We are a nation at war in a global conflict of extended and uncertain duration.

  • Sustain a bias for action and urgency.

  • Create an environment where mission focused leaders capture, nurture and celebrate a family/work/life balance.

  • Train, mentor, and retain a diverse, professional workforce through satisfying, content rich jobs that provide value to the Navy and Nation.

  • Accept risk by eliminating low priority tasks to deliver the right skills at the right place at the right time with war fighting value that meets demand.

  • Operate with the highest standards of readiness, safety, personal conduct and professionalism.

  • Embrace a culture of fitness.

  • Openly communicate up and down the chain of command.

  • Learn from mistakes and celebrate our successes.

  • Trust, respect and shared loyalty will define us.