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Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX


Command Mission and Philosophy


 Command Mission and Philosophy

Our command is a large team, with diverse skills, and mission that spans the globe. Our success depends on our personal dedication to our mission and each other.

Over time our mission and our command will continue to evolve. While we adapt to these natural changes, we need to remain focused on the core principles that will best guide our actions. Together with our command mission statement, these core principles from the philosophy that will keep us aligned for greatest success.


Deliver information warfare capabilities to the Fleet. Provide, and deploy, trained Information Warfare Officers and Cryptographic Technicians, and equipment to support signals intelligence, information operations, and cyberspace operations for Naval and Joint Forces.

Core Principles

Professional Excellence:

Consistently delivery high-quality with efficiency and zeal. Use self-assessment for continuous skill development and task improvement. Seize the initiative for group success. Be proud of your effort and the mission results.

Resilience and Respect:

Deliberately develop your mind, body, and spirit. A healthy lifestyle with work-life balance increases your capacity to deal with the unexpected, and sustain high performance. Mutual respect and compassion are the cornerstones of group resilience. We are better together.

Collaborate to Innovate:

Effectively overcome obstacles to communication. Leverage diversity of thought and perspective to build innovative solutions. Great communications are the foundation for constructive change and continued mission success.