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"Through the expertise of dedicated, skilled personnel whose commitment in 'giving something in return', the command has excelled in information programs and volunteer projects as evident in the following achievements. "

NIOC Maryland Receives 4th Consecutive Foreign Language Award

NIOC Maryland – Military Unit of the Year 2006

Navy Information Operations Command Maryland has been selected by the West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce as Military Unit of the Year for its outstanding accomplishments in the Fort Meade educational community.

The Commanding Officer accepted a plaque at the WAACCC community dinner, which honors local police, firefighters, educators, military units, schools and businesses on Oct. 24 at Michael’s Eighth Avenue.

Command Sailors were specifically cited for their support to the Partners-in-Education Program, a program aimed toward helping mentor and tutor students at local elementary schools. The 60 NIOC Maryland volunteers rotated on a daily basis throughout the school year, devoting over 2,000 hours to ensure the students, kindergarten through fifth grade achieved their highest academic potential.

Fifty additional Sailors participated in the Saturday Scholars Program, a partnership for personal excellence. They provided tutoring in a variety of subjects for students who needed extra help during the fall and spring semesters.

Safety Award. The command received the former Commander, Naval Security Group FY05 Award for Achievement in Safety Ashore, Medium Non-Industrial category. The safety submission was forwarded for competition at the Chief of Naval Operations Shore Safety Awards level.

Zumwalt Award. Navy Information Operations Command Maryland Bachelor Housing was awarded the 2004 Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt Award for excellence in Bachelor Housing.

A five-star rating is equivalent to or better than facilities and services provided by a top quality residence hall or a mid-grade hotel. Quarters must achieve a five-star rating to even be considered for the Zumwalt Award. Some of the criteria for this rating includes well-groomed and maintained landscaping, microwaves and telephones in each room, message service and respectful, courteous staff.

One resident who recently transferred to Fort Meade from Pensacola, Fla., exclaimed, “I never had these amenities in my barracks before." She divulged, "When I arrived here I was amazed to learn I would have my own room with a great, big bed. Was I ever surprised.”

In addition to the wonderful rooms and lounges, the barracks was noted for its staff. The Director of Housing stated, “Management and staff were well-trained, professional and customer oriented. The facilities management throughout Bachelor Housing was excellent.”

Besides living in the barracks, one resident worked on the barracks while attached to Support Department’s S-3 Division. “When I first got here, I saw how everyone [Support and Supply Department] worked together to ensure repairs were made and the barracks stayed clean and neat.” “It was hard work,” admitted one of the BQ staff members, “but in the end, it all paid off.”

“I would just like to give a big thanks to N53 for all their help,” said the BQ Chief. “They worked a lot of overtime putting on the finishing touches. I would also like to give a special thanks to the residents who worked so hard on their rooms. It was the best the barracks has ever looked.”

The command received official recognition in January 2005, 2003, when the Zumwalt Award was presented in Denver, Colorado.

The newest improvements included a big screen TV and Internet kiosks.