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Naval Computer And Telecommunication Station San Diego CA

Naval Computer And Telecommunication Station San Diego CA
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Commercial:  Point Hueneme – 805-982-XXXX

                    Point Mugu - 805-989-XXXX

DSN:            Point Hueneme – 551-XXXX

                    Point Mugu - 351-XXXX

  • 94-XXX-XXXX                          DSN Access Code
  • 99-XXX-XXXX                          Area Service
  • 99-1-800-XXX-XXXX                 Toll Free Service, includes 866, 877, 888, etc.
  • 98-1-A/C-XXX-XXXX                 Long Distance Service
  • 98-011-C/C-C/C-XXX-XXXX       Direct International Service
  • 98-01-C/C-C/C-XXX-XXXX         Operator Assisted International Calls
  • 611                                       Telephone Trouble Calls
  • 351-7500                               Telephone Service Call Desk (Adds/Moves/Changes)
  • 911                                       Emergency

Single-line Telephone Feature Access Codes:

  • *77                                       Call Pick-up of another line (special programming required).
  • *22 & 7-digit                          Call Forward all calls. (7-digits would be number forwarding calls too.)
  • #22                                       To Deactivate Call Forward.
  • *80                                       Automatic Callback on busy (Ring Again).
  • #80                                       To Deactivate Automatic Callback.
  • *66                                       Call Park.
  • *69 & 7-digit no.                     Retrieval.
  • *81                                       Call Waiting, first press the Flash or Link button

To Transfer incoming calls to another number:

  • Press the Flash or Link button, enter the 7-digit number transferring to, hang-up.

To Conference:

  • When on a call, press the Flash or Link button
  • enter the 2nd number to conference in
  • press the Flash or Link button again.