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Naval Computer And Telecommunication Station San Diego CA

Naval Computer And Telecommunication Station San Diego CA
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We are located at 1482 Read Road NAS North Island:

Commanding Officer
Attn: CATS-SD Code N511 TMS, NCTS,
Box 357056
San Diego CA 92135-7056.

NCTS-SD Code N511 provides Telephone/Circuit inventory and usage reports for the following locations:

  • Complex 00 -- NAB 
  • Complex 01 -- Naval Station 32nd Street 
  • Complex 03 -- SCI 
  • Complex 04 -- ASW 
  • Complex 05 -- Naval Hospital 
  • Complex 06 -- Broadway 
  • Complex 07 -- Pt. Loma 
  • Complex 08 -- NAS North Island
  • Complex 14 -- NMCRC
  • Complex 22 -- OLFIB 
  • Complex 24 -- PacHwy/OTC 
  • Concord/Daily City/Fairfield
  • El Centro 
  • Lemoore 
  • Monterey 
  • Seal Beach/Fallbrook
  • Ventura

San Diego TMS support provides detail reports for phone lines and circuits. Listing the telephone and circuits numbers to the charges per line and usage (local and long distance calls) by the assigned NCTS job order. 

The Financial Management Division assigns a five digit job order number to your funding document.

Reports are uploaded to the Billing web site for review. For access to the site e-mail

TMS bill period is from the first of the month to the end of the month.  It takes approximately 2 weeks to process the billing charges and reports. By the 15th of the following month the reports will be uploaded to the web site. Reports cannot be posted to the web until you have funded. A report will not post until a month after a document has been processed by Financial Management.  

The data downloads as a Microsoft Access database; review your lines and circuits to ensure they are accurate.  It is highly recommended that data is downloaded monthly. Usage should be checked against toll call records. After a monthly review, archive data for future requirements.

Any one making an unofficial call is liable for the cost of those calls. A money order made out to the U.S. Treasury with the appropriate form can be sent to your paying office to be credited against your line of accounting . 

If there are any questions about a call or an investigation needed N511 TMS Division can assist. All questions or disputes call or e-mail.

Request for Certification of Telephone Bills -- Sign each month and return to NCTS-SD N511.

Fax form to (619) 545-2243 or certify online.

Fifteen days after posting to the billing web site certification and return to the N511 TMS Division is required. Ref: 051935Z AUG 04 COMNAVNETWARCOM NORFOLK VA NAVY TELECOMMUNICATIONS DIRECTIVE 01-04. Certification is by job order number, not department. One certification form per JON. The Telephone Control Officers will be emailed, if not received within 15 days. If calls are not official, annotate on the certification letter and return to NCTS-SD N511.