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Ombudsman Family Information

Naval Computer And Telecommunication Station San Diego CA
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Ombudsman Family Information Sheet

The family information sheet is a form which I, ombudsman, request all of the sailors (or family members) complete and return to me.  It provides me with basic information on the family members and emergency contact information.  I receive and document this information, it never goes through the command.

I ask for this information for a few different reasons.  Firstly, and most importantly, it gives me a contact sheet so when a family member calls me, I know who their sailor is and I also know that I am able to share information with that family member.  Without the sheet, I cannot verify or deny that the sailor is in the command nor provide any command specific information.

Secondly, the completed form is useful as I can get an idea of the ages of the children as well as the general areas that families live in.  This then allows me to provide more relevant information to you (resources and information in the newsletter for example). 

Thirdly, it is important for me to have emergency contact information.  If there is an emergency and we need to get hold of someone, it is a good back-up source for finding emergency contacts.

The information that you provide on the sheets is CONFIDENTIAL at all times.

Family Information Sheet (click here)

The Family Information Sheet can be dropped off at Command Front Office or sent Certified Mail (a signature is required since personal information is being provided) to:

ATTN:  Ombudsman
BOX 357058
SAN DIEGO, CA 92135-7056