Welcome and Congratulations on Your Orders to NCTAMS LANT Det Jacksonville

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Step ONE (VERY important!)

1) Log into your NSIPS account:  https://nsips.nmci.navy.mil/nsipsclo/jsp/index.jsp

2) Click the down arrow next to "Electronic Service Record", on the left

3) Click the down arrow next to "Tasks"

4) Click the link for "Gain Questionnaire"

5) Fill out the form and click "Verify" on the bottom.


Here is the information you need to make a successful transition to your new home in Jacksonville.




Relocation Checklist

Very good checklists can be found at your local Fleet and Family Support Center. These are usually the best source of information to make your move as painless as possible. However, this page may serve to remind you of some of the important items that are sometimes overlooked.


 Issues that affect military assignment:

 Have you...

 Received your orders?

 Obligated service for the duration of your new assignment?

 Received a signed transfer evaluation and filed it in your service record?

 Notified your sponsor of flight information? Arranged ground transportation?

 Visit the Personal Property Office as soon as you get your orders.

 Arranging your pack out in a timely manner eliminates much of the stress caused by moving.

 Plan for the day of your move!

 Do you need it? If not, can you throw it away or place it in storage or will you take it with you?

 The local Personal Property Office can assist you with placing items in storage. This should be taken care of at least 2 weeks prior to arrival of the movers.

 Keep your important documents (birth certificates, passports, orders, medications, insurance, etc.) separate. If possible, keep them locked in your car trunk during the pack out so they don't get accidentally packed. 


You should, at a minimum, keep the following items with you prior to AND during transit to your new command:

PCS orders 

All military records


Address book

Moving documents

Household valuables inventory

***It is also extremely important to make sure that your security clearance  status is completely up to date and  complete any outstanding paperwork prior to transfer!***

 Complete a Change of Address card at the local post office.  Remember, this changes your address at the post office, not with whomever is sending you mail. You must notify individuals, companies, and any magazines you have subscriptions with separately. Most companies, including magazines, have a toll-free number you may call to change your delivery address.

 If there is an emergency requiring your family to contact the American Red Cross (ARC), your orders will allow the ARC to quickly determine your location and contact you.

 Make arrangements to cancel utility services and pay final bills. Most utility companies will forward a final statement and receipt of payment to your new address if you ask.


Ensure you take care of ALL of the following, as necessary:

Water company

Electric company

Natural gas company

Trash/waste services


Any maintenance related fees you may have incurred

 As soon as you know your flight information, make temporary lodging arrangements for the new location. You can call 1-800-NAVY-INN to make reservations for the NAVY LODGE, or you may call the NAS Jacksonville Navy Lodge directly at 904-772-6000.

 And of course, ensure you sponsor is aware of your arrival date. They can also confirm temporary lodging, ground transportation, pet reservations, etc.


The command is located at:

Building 27

Enterprise Ave.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL 32212