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Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station Jacksonville FL



Naval Communications in Key West has a colorful history. The Naval Radio Station (NAVRADSTA) at Key West, Florida, was established in the year 1905, its purpose being to form a link in a chain of Wireless Telegraph Stations in what was then known as the Coastal Signal Service of the Navy. This chain extended from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, to New Orleans, Louisiana, and included Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Colon, Isthmus of Panama. The call sign NAR was established for communications station Key West, and has been in service ever since. This gives Detachment Key West the distinction of being the first, and the oldest continuously existing Telecommunications station in the Department of Navy. Although several name changes have taken place over the years, and the location has shifted to different buildings, NAR has never gone off the air, and has provided the best Naval Telecommunications services since it's inception. Here are the major highlights of this history:

“NAR” has been in continuous operation since 1905.

- 1931, NAVRADSTA was the only active military function left in Key West.

- 1962, NAVRADSTA was a key element in the Cuba Blockade providing ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore telecommunications support.

-1964 NAVRADSTA was re-commissioned as NAVAL COMMUNICATIONS UNIT (NCU).

- 1968 NAVCOMMU was re-commissioned as NAVAL COMMUNICATIONS STATION (NCS).

- April of 1979 - NCS began Contractor Operation and Maintenance of NRTF Saddlebunch Key.

- September 1992 - NAVCOMTELSTA Key West was disestablished. NCTAMS LANT Detachment Key West was “stood up” as a component activity of NCTAMS LANT Norfolk.

- March 1993 - The last Active Duty sailor separates from the Detachment.

- October 1993 - The Base Telephone Service (now BCO) function transferred from NAS Key West to NCTL Detachment Key West.

- February 1997 - 10 additional HF Transmitters were moved to NRTF from NCTS Jacksonville as part of the DoN HF Re-Alignment process.

March 2000- The Detachment Status changed again, becoming NCTS Jacksonville Detachment Key West as part of DoN regionalization.

-March 2005 - Two Active Duty Navy Billets reestablished.