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LNSC (R-Site)

BLDG. 201

The DG21 Communications Directorate (Annex 3) provides a broad range of support to Diego Garcia.  These include but are not limited to: IT Support Services, which encompasses managing and administrating all servers and workstations as well as providing helpdesk and Local Network Services Center (LNSC) support; Technical Control and Satellite Communications Facilities administration and maintenance; Telephone Switch and Voice services; Ground Electronics and Navigational Aids support; Fleet Support Services for Pier-Connectivity; Weather Observation; Copier maintenance and repair; Photographic services; Antennae maintenance and PC Repair. 

From transmitting and receiving to troubleshooting, Annex 3 is a comprehensive and dynamic team of professionals dedicated to providing the very best support to the DoD’s local and fleet customers in a timely and secure environment

The R-site at NCTSFE DET Diego Garcia provides system maintenance on the following systems and associated antennas.

Technical Control Facility (TCF) is responsible for providing voice and /or
data signals to subscriber tenant commands. TCF operations include, but are
not limited to managing communication equipment, monitoring data
connectivity, activating new circuits and/or trunks, monitoring circuits and trunk
continuity, performing quality control checks, responding to emergent
tasking, monitoring HF transmitters, managing frequency databases and EKMS local element accounts.

  Satellite communications terminal. Transmits and receives all SHF traffic in Diego Garcia.

Hydro Acoustic Data Acquisition System (HDAS)-  Provides detection, localization, and identification of man-made explosive events below and above the ocean surface at long ranges across broad ocean areas.  An underwater sensor systems linked to shore facilities with undersea data transmission cables, and shore based computers for data storage and transmission to the National Data Center (NDC).