NCTAMS PAC Detachment Puget Sound


Mission: NCTAMS PAC DET PUGET SOUND provides secure computer network operations, base communications, and strategic communications to afloat, air, and shore based Navy, Joint and Coalition forces operating in the Pacific Northwest region. 

Vision:  To be our country's premiere communications station to effectively prepare the fleet to deploy and support major combat operations globally.  We will be a detachment that exemplifies professionalism, superior performance, founded on teamwork, dedication and dignity. 

The headquarters staff at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor coordinates reliable communications for US Navy Submarines, surface forces, and air forces among the three sites: Bangor, Whidbey Island, and Jim Creek.

Operational Shore Link

At NCTAMS PAC DET PUGET SOUND, you will provide the critical shore link to more than 180 military units. You will receive training and work alongside subject matter experts in communications, long-haul transport capabilities, system configuration and operation across the RF spectrum, IP systems and services, messaging, network security and operations, information assurance, and much more! As a United States Sailor, there is no better place to expand your skill set than at NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound! 

Part of a Team of Excellence

NCTAMS PAC DET PUGET SOUND is a detachment of NCTAMS PAC who's motto is "Pacific Voice of Command!" Please visit their website to see the many things happening within the NCTAMS PAC Team.


NCTAMS PAC DET Puget Sound Headquarters
1100 Hunley Road Suite 116
Silverdale, WA 98315-1099
Comm: (360) 396-6335

NCTAMS PAC DET Puget Sound Whidbey Island
835 West Prowler Street
Oak Harbor, WA 98278-4300
Comm: (360) 257-2176

NCTAMS PAC DET Puget Sound Jim Creek
21027 Jim Creek Road
Arlington, WA 98223
Comm: (360) 257-5215

Contact the Webpage Administrator via e-mail or by telephone (360) 257-6627 

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