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Manpower and Personnel department

Mission:  Develop, administer and evaluate the local and regional military and civilian personnel programs, position/billet management, competitive sourcing, legal justice, security, military and civilian training and administrative services programs for the command.  Manage and maintain the SharePoint Portal activities for the command to include policy, procedures, and standards for design and publication of web content. 

Department Head

 757-443-9146  DSN 646

Social Services

 757-443-9134  DSN 646

Military Career

 757-443-9151  DSN 646

Command Services

 757-443-9136  DSN 646

Manpower/Military Personnel

 757-443-9118  DSN 646

Command Training

 757-443-9115  DSN 646

Legal Services

 757-443-9130  DSN 646

Civilian Personnel

 757-443-9106  DSN 646