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Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic

Electronics Maintenance Department (N6)

Mission:  Employees comprehensive 3M/2M/Calibration programs and performs electronic/electrical preventive, corrective, and diagnostic maintenance actions to ensure all NCTAMS LANT communication systems are ensured the highest state of operational readiness, provides proactive technical guidance and leadership to LANT regional sites.

Electronics Maintenance Officer 757-443-9240  DSN  646
Department EMO 757-443-9241  DSN  646
Department Secretary 757-443-9232  DSN  646 
CMS A&A Divison Officer  757-443-9220  DSN  646 
Trouble Desk 757-443-9218  DSN  646 
3M Coordinator  757-443-9248  DSN  646 
Calibration Lab 757-443-9262  DSN  646