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Our Waypoints

We Value Time and Create Opportunity, Meaning, and Purpose

We Focus on Outcomes: Strive for Significance

We Take Responsibility: Embrace Accountability

As a Global Task Force, We Empathize in a 360o Array

We Are Willing to Rock the Boat: Creating a Wake as WE Forge the Future

We Innovate: Take Responsible Risk

We Stay Focused, Remain Creative, and Deliver Value 

A Day in the Life of Data 
Here at NCDOC, there are numerous teams within our team. Each interdependent team enables the other to execute our shared mission. Per our vision, we aspire to become a distributed team of cyber professionals dedicated to mission, focused on effectiveness, resilient in action. Our success is achieved by synchronized operations, empowered by calculated risk and continuous learning. Click on the image below to learn more about our unique mission from the perspective of "a day in the life of data." 

112 Lake View Parkway, Suite 100
Suffolk, VA  23435-3628
ISIC: NCDOC is an Echelon III Command
reporting to  U.S. Fleet Cyber Command
Content Steward: Public Affairs Office,