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Our New Teammate Handbook 

We make culture a visible priority across the Command. In fact, we take deliberate steps to attract teammates for their personality, passion, and commitment to the team, as much as we do competence to include modifying our advertisements on CMS-ID for Sailors and USAJOBS for civilians. Our hiring panel is focused on choosing the right teammates to join our team, not mere employees to do a job. We affectionately refer to the team charged with inspiring these changes and shaping our Command Culture as our Culture Club. Where most Commands are comfortable with the reactive model governed by a Command Assessment Team (CAT), we take a proactive approach and favor shaping over merely assessing.

In an effort to give our potential teammates a glimps into the culture we are shaping, and help fuel the continued evolution across our team, we offer our New Teammate Handbook. This handbook was developed by our current teammates with future teammates in mind as we attract smart creatives to our team.

Our Thinkshops
NCDOC Thinkshop is a two-day course taught by our facilitators who are passionate about helping other teammates think more critically, solve problems creatively, and develop a collaborative environment. This course helps leaders across the command as they learn to challenge norms, learn faster, and improve daily by solving everyday problems using unconventional approaches of design thinking. This course was incubated in our very own Makerspace and continues to be delivered across the Fleet.


Our Core Competencies

We believe in developing and strengthening our core competencies - critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collective ownership - across our military and civilian teammates. We also acknowledge we are a team of warfighting geeks who make it a point to read, watch/listen, and play while at and away from work. Below we recommend some books from our Book Abstract series, some of our favorite TED talks, and some video games that we hope will stretch your mind, motivate and inspire you, as well as develop valuable skills.


 Games List


We believe that playing video games help develop and strengthen various skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Followership
  • Exploration
  • Perseverance

AND...  many other skills. Below are some of the games we like to play:

  • Magic-the-Gathering
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Call of Duty
  • Fallout IV
  • Uplink: Hacker Elite
  • Destiny
  • The Gears of War
  • The Halo Series
  • Diablo III
  • Witcher III

 Culture of Innovation


Visit our "Ideas to Innovation" (i2i) on the milSuite portal! Our Innovation Cross-Functional Team created a process in which we turn good ideas into ACTION, using a business model similar to Google.



 TED Talks

  • Schools Kill Creativity (Ken Robinson)
  • Trial, Error, and the God Complex (Tim Harford)
  • The Pecking Order (Margaret Heffernan)
  • The Puzzle of Motivation (Daniel Pink)
  • Listen, Learn, then Lead (Stanley McChrystal)
  • The Power of Believing That You Can Improve (Carol Dweck)
  • Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe (Simon Sinek)
  • The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers (Adam Grant)
  • Where Good Ideas Come From (Steven Johnson)