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Who are the members of the Executive Corps?


Non-executive positions classified above the GS-15 level that involve performance of high-level research and development in the physical, biological, medical, or engineering sciences, or a closely-related field. (paid between 120 percent of GS-15/1 and level IV of the Executive Schedule)

Research and development positions are characterized by the following features:

  • systematic investigation of theory, experimentation, or simulation of experiments
  • application of the scientific method, including problem exploration and definition, planning of the approach and sequence of steps, execution of experiments or studies, interpretations of findings, and documentation or reporting of findings; and
  • exercise of creativity and critical judgment, variation in which may materially affect the nature of the end product.
  • significant honors from major organizations for his/her accomplishments and contributions; and is sought as an advisor and consultant on scientific and technological problems that extend beyond his/her specialty

More information on senior scientific (ST) positions within the Department of Defense.


The SES includes various executive and managerial positions classified above GS-15 of the General Schedule or in level IV of the Executive Schedule, or equivalent positions which do not require appointment by the President with Senate confirmation. SES members are the major link between top Presidential appointees and the rest of the Federal work force. Agencies can establish positions within their allocation from OPM, without further OPM approval. There are approximately 7,500 SES positions government-wide. The SES excludes positions in the foreign service and SES-type systems authorized by law for certain law enforcement or intelligence programs, and non-managerial positions above grade GS-15 in the Senior Level (SL) and Scientific and Professional (ST) systems.


Non-executive positions above GS-15 that do not meet the criteria for the SES, nor do they involve the fundamental research and development responsibilities that are characteristic of the (ST) system. (paid between 120 percent of GS-15/1 and level IV of the Executive Schedule)

More information on senior level (SL) positions within the Department of Defense.


Preeminent technical leaders in the specific scientific and technology areas fields who also possess managerial and supervisory abilities; positions designated as SSTM require both scientific/technical expertise and full managerial and supervisory authority – typically division, office or branch heads (salary range for SSTM positions is a minimum of 120% of the minimum rate of basic pay for GS-15, with the maximum rate of basic pay established at the rate of basic pay, excluding locality pay, for SES Level 4.


Managerial, supervisory, and policy positions that are equivalent to the Senior Executive Service positions and are established under section 1606. These positions may be filled through permanent or nonpermanent appointments under the DCIPS appointing authority, section 1601.


A functional/technical expert who is a recognized leader and authority in a specialist field or functional area but exercises no more that minimal supervisory responsibilities (performed less than 25% of the time). The difficulty, complexity and novelty of DISL work required creativity, mastery of subject-matter field, and recognition by the professional community. Such positions are established under section 1607 and do not have the organizational or program management responsibilities appropriate for the DISES. DISL positions are classifiable above grade GG-15 and are equivalent to the Senior Level (SL)/Scientific and Professional (ST) positions under section 5108.


Are a temporary infusion of talent which does not exist in the current DoD workforce. HQEs are forward thinking individuals with innovative ideas that provide non-permanent support for short term endeavors. HQEs may have expertise in a variety of fields (engineering, technology, human resources, business transformation, education, medicine, languages and logistics). They perform several functions for the Department Of The Navy such as mentoring, leading, overseeing, directing, managing or consulting on Department Of The Navy programs and initiatives, including high profile and fast track assignments. Appointments are time limited. They serve at the will of the Secretary of the Navy.

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