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All About Your Thift Savings Plan (TSP)
Status OPEN
Location Jackson Park Community Center
90 Olding Road
Bremerton, WA 98312
Start Date Wednesday, July 10, 2013
End Date Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Start Time 8:00
End Time 16:00
Cost $75.00
Deadline Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Full Title All About Your Thift Savings Plan (TSP) (Personal Development
Description The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a very economical, efficient, and safe way to save for retirement. Open to any permanent employee, it provides tax-deferred savings, a choice of several fund types, guaranteed security, and a very low-cost structure.
Properly managed, the TSP can provide for a early, comfortable and secure
retirement. If burdened by errors, mistakes, and poor decision-making, it can fail, and waste investment dollars. While the TSP has many strong advantages, employees remain responsible for good account management, for timely decision-making, and for meeting key action deadlines. They must understand the many complicated rules and requirements involved, develop a personal strategy, and make a strong personal commitment to act in a timely and positive manner. This training program will provide attendees with a good understanding of plan operations, choices available, and sources of additional information. Attendees will be able to make decisions better suited to their personal goals and needs.
This program is recommended for any federal employee in a permanent position (including CSRS, FERS, Offset and TransFERS). Because the TSP is a long-term investment vehicle, it is strongly recommended that employees attend early in their employment career. This one-day course is an excellent supplement to the two-day retirement planning courses for CSRS or FERS and is scheduled in conjunction with these courses so that participants may plan their enrollment as a combined three-day training event.
Eligibility Open to any federal employee in a permanent position (including CSRS,
FERS, Offset and TransFERS).

SPOUSAL ATTENDANCE: Spouses may attend the training at no additional charge. Due to facility space limitations, it 's important that we receive notification of all spouses that plan to attend the session. First priority will be given to the paid enrolled student and every effort will be made to accommodate as many attendees as possible. If space is limited, accompanying spouses may not necessarily be able to sit next to a paid enrollee. Please send an e-mail to hrscnw-training@navy.mil to notify us of a spousal attendance.

SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: Employees requiring special accommodations at our training classes (i.e. wheelchair access, sign language interpreter, reader etc.), are normally coordinated through the employee's organizations. Advance notification for set-up requirements should be sent to hrscnw-training@navy.mil. For more information please call (360) 476-7445.
Course Action
Vendor Vendor: Union Consulting
PO Box 6281 Woodbridge,
VA 22195-6281
Registration Information To register for this course, please contact your Supervisor
and Training Coordinator who will fax a SF182 with Sections
A-E completed to (360) 476-7749 or will send via email to
hrscnw-training@navy.mil. Government credit card
information must be included in Section C Block 6. Include
the credit card holder’s name, credit card number,
expiration date, phone number and fax number.


Section D - Approvals

1a-3e Approvals - To be completed by the employee's
immediate and/or second line supervisor(s) before
submission of application to nomination Agency Training Office.

Section E - Approvals/Concurrence

1a-1e Approval/Concurrence - To be completed by the
nominating Agency Official who is authorized to approve or
disapprove request.

All required information must be present in order to process
your registration.

A course confirmation letter will be faxed to the Training
Coordinators as soon as the class minimum is met or 14
calendar days before class start date, whichever comes
first. Once the confirmation letter is sent, your command
is obligated to pay for the registration. If the student is
unable to attend substitutions are strongly recommended.

When this course has reached the maximum enrollment,
it will be listed as FULL in the Title above.

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