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The Department of the Navy needs to attract and retain a skilled and talented workforce to advance the mission and support the warfighter. Since the launch of the President’s Civilian Hiring Reform initiative, the process to recruit and hire a top quality workforce has become easier, quicker and more efficient, positioning the Department to meet the challenges in the years ahead.

The hiring reform initiative spans the entire federal government and involves a multiyear effort to modernize hiring processes and related technology. It recognizes the link between the ability of the government to serve its American citizens and the capability of its public workforce. Without a doubt, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce will enable the Department to meet challenges of the future.

Questions on hiring reform may also be sent to the Department of the Navy resource center at DONhrfaq@navy.mil.

Hiring Reform People


Hiring reform includes recruitment, hiring, retention and employee development — from planning to onboarding. Senior leaders, hiring managers and human resources professionals all are collaborating to attract quality candidates for positions, reduce the time to fill vacancies and improve the application experience for potential and current federal employees.

The Department of the Navy will improve the process for applicants. Applicants are notified at four critical stages during the hiring process:

  1. When their application is received
  2. When qualifications are determined
  3. Referral status
  4. Final result

Consistent with the hiring reform initiative:

  • Essay-style questions have been eliminated from initial application materials
  • Cover letter and resumes are accepted
  • Job announcements have been reduced from 10-12 to five pages
  • Job announcements are written in simple terms and easy to understand

The Department has reduced the time to fill vacancies.

  • Vacancies filled within 80-110 days
  • Maximize use of and monitor available technology

The Department has increased the involvement and collaboration of hiring managers, senior leaders and human resources professionals. Managers and leadership will work hand-in-hand with human resources professionals from beginning to the end of the hiring process.

  • Plan current and future workforce requirements
  • Ensure job vacancies reflect competencies needed for position
  • Engage throughout the hiring process
  • Ensure timeliness of hiring decisions

The Department of Navy wants to be an employer of choice, connecting the right talent to the right job.

The Department of Navy Hiring Reform Office provides a resource center to assist individuals with hiring reform questions; inquiries can be sent to DONhrfaq@navy.mil.


“To deliver the quality services and results the American people expect and deserve, the Federal Government must recruit and hire highly qualified employees, and public service should be a career of choice for the most talented Americans.

Americans must be able to apply for Federal jobs through a common-sense hiring process, and agencies must be able to select high-quality candidates efficiently and quickly.”

President Barack Obama

Presidential Memorandum, Improving the Federal Recruitment and Hiring Process


The Department of the Navy Hiring Reform Office operates a help desk to assist individuals with hiring reform questions; inquiries and questions can be sent to DONhrfaq@navy.mil

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