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If you are enrolled in FEHB at the time of your separation, your health insurance will terminate on the last day of the pay period in which your separation is effective. Your enrollment will continue temporarily for 31 days from the date of termination at no cost to you.

You may elect to convert to an individual policy offered by your health insurance carrier. No evidence of insurability is required. There is no Government contribution to the cost of the insurance—you pay the full cost of the health insurance. You should contact your insurance carrier for individual policy rates.

You may elect to continue your health insurance under the provisions of Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) for up to 18 months after your separation date (unless your separation is involuntary due to gross misconduct). You may select any plan in the FEHB program in which to continue your coverage if you are otherwise eligible to enroll in the plan. You will be required to pay both the employee and government shares of the premiums, plus a 2 percent charge for administrative expenses.

If you are separated by Reduction in Force (RIF), resign after receipt of a RIF separation notice, separate under the voluntary reduction in force program, or resign from a surplus position and elect TCC you will pay only the employee share of the FEHB premium.

At the end of the 18 months of TCC coverage, you will have a 31-day temporary extension and you can apply to convert to an individual policy.


  1. When you separate, you will receive an SF 2810 Notice of Change in Health Benefits Enrollment terminating your enrollment. To apply for conversion to an individual policy:
    1. Mail a copy of the SF 2810 to the health insurance carrier within 31 days of the date shown in Part H of the SF 2810, but no later than 91 days from the date your enrollment terminates (Part A, item 8 of the SF 2810).
    2. The health insurance carrier will send you an application form and details concerning benefits and rates of the nongroup contract to which you may convert.
    3. If you elect to convert to an individual policy, it is effective on the day after the 31st day of temporary coverage.
  2. To elect continued health insurance coverage under TCC:

    1. Contact the Benefits Line for counseling.
    2. Complete and sign an SF 2809 Employee Health Benefits Registration Form. Write “TCC” at the top of the form.
    3. Mail the original SF 2809 (no copies are necessary) to the Civilian Benefits Center within 60 days after separation (or date the Civilian Benefit Center eligibility notice). Do not send a premium payment with the registration form.
    4. The Civilian Benefits Center will forward the registration form to the National Finance Center.
    5. If you elect TCC, it is effective on the day after the 31st day of temporary coverage.
    6. The National Finance Center will contact you regarding payment of premiums. You will mail the premiums directly to the National Finance Center.
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