Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Forces

C4I & Space Division


The Command and Control Division is responsible for the planning and execution of Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) of the Navy's ashore and afloat command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems. These systems include radars, radio frequency transmitters/receivers, digital switching networks, identification friend or foe, tactical decision-making systems, intelligence systems, combat direction systems, tactical links, information warfare systems, cryptologic systems, space and satellite systems, and non-tactical automated information systems.

C4I & Space Division Points of Contact

Director, C4I & Space Division - Code 60A

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3328

Deputy Director, C4I & Space Division - Code 60B

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3050

Mission Capability Analysis Section (Code 61)

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3432

Test Design Section (Code 62)

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3054

The Mission Capability Analysis Section is responsible for the Mission Based Test Design for each program. The Mission Based Test Design is documented in an Integrated Evaluation Framework that is specific to each program.

The Test Design Section is responsible for the Design of Experiments for each program. The Design of Experiments is documented in an Integrated Evaluation Framework that is specific to each program.

Test Planning Section (Code 63)

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3436

Test Execution Section (Code 64)

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3120, 3316, 3368

The Test Planning Section is responsible for the development of Test Plans. Test Plans detail how COMOPTEVFOR will test systems in an operational environment.

The Test Execution Section is responsible for the execution of Test Plans and conduct of tests. This section schedules resources, determines testing locations, executes the Test Plan, and collects data.

Test Report Section (Code 65)

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3812

The Test Report Section is responsible for Test Reports. This section analyzes and evaluates data to determine the effectiveness and suitability of systems under test.

Programs in 60 Division

  • Defense Travel System (DTS)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Future Pay and Personnel Management Solution (FPPS)\
  • Key Management Infrastructure (KMI)
  • Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (N-ERP)
  • Theater Medical Information Program (TMIP)
  • Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite Communications System (AEHF)
  • Battle Force Tactical Network (BFTN)
  • Combat Survivor Evader Locater (CSEL)
  • Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP)
  • Department of Defense Teleport (DoD Teleport)
  • Digital Modular Radio (DMR)
  • Enhanced Polar System (EPS)
  • Global Broadcast Service (GBS)
  • Global Positioning System Enterprise (GPS Enterprise)
  • Mobile User Objective System (MUOS)
  • Navy Multi-band Terminal (NMT)
  • Sea Navigation Warfare (Sea NAVWAR)
  • Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP)
  • Integrated Broadcast System (IBS)
  • Joint Tactical Terminal
  • Ships Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE)
  • Cryptologic Carry On Program (CCOP)
  • Common Data Link System
  • Global Command and Control System- Maritime (GCCS-M)
  • Distributed Common Ground System- Navy (DCGS-N)
  • Global-Theater Security Cooperation Management Information
  • System (G-TSCMIS)