Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Forces

Get Started with Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Courses

COMOPTEVFOR requires that all testers (those who will be planning or conducting operational testing) complete at least the level-I DAU courses in the Test and Evaluation (T&E) Career Field.

It is highly recommended that persons with orders to COMOPTEVFOR try to complete the first DAU course, Acquisition-101, before reporting. This will give you a head-start in understanding the DOD Acquisition process and the roles of the various participants.

First - you need to establish an account through the Defense Acquisition Career Manager (DACM) for the Navy/USMC. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to the DAU website:

2. Place Your Mouse over "I Need Training", then "Apply For a Course", then click on "Navy and Marine Corps."

3. This action takes you to the eDACM website, which applies only to Navy and USMC, military and civilian.

4. Select a Log-In option; CAC or No CAC

5. Select a category. "Navy Officer Enroute to Acq Billet" applies only to Naval Officers. Otherwise, choose "All Other DON Employees."

6. Click on the Register-Now tab, then "DAU Training"

You will probably be warned that you are not in an acquisition position. This is normal; just click "Continue to Student Actions."

7. A profile form will appear, which you must complete. Use information for your current command; if asked for COMOPTEVFOR's UIC, use 57023. If you are going to have troubles, this is typically where that happens. If you need help, call Mr Guy Cofield, COMOPTEVFOR Training at 757-282-5546 X-3069, or send e-mail to

8. Once your profile has been accepted, then "Apply for Training" and look for ACQ-101. There will only be one of choice of class, because this is an online course. It may take a day or two before you receive an e-mail that you have been enrolled, with instructions on how to begin. Also, you could be placed on a wait-list for a week or two. Note that you must start work within 21 days of enrollment, or you will be dropped. You must finish within 60 days of enrollment.

9. Once you report to COMOPTEVFOR, it is important that you update your profile with correct information for your new Supervisor etc. DAU will not enroll you in a course without approval of a Supervisor. If you finish ACQ-101 and want to move on to further courses, then apply for courses in this order; all are self-paced online courses:

1. ACQ-101

2. M&S CLE023 - this is a "Continuous Learning" topic -much shorter

3. TST-102

4. SYS-101