Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Forces

COTF Command Administration

The mission of command administration is to provide customer service for pay, personnel records, medical, dental, and associated matters. Command admin maintains receipts/transfers, processes leave papers, maintains the staff data base, updates various listings (recall, phone books, social rosters, etc.), publishes the plan of the day, and is the primary liaison between the command and the Personnel Support Detachment. The mailroom is responsible for incoming and outgoing mail, correspondence serialization/maintenance, and maintains the central files/directives for the command.

Commanding Officer, Staff

The Administration Division provides administrative support to the staff. This support includes command security issues and all facets of command administration.

The Assistant Chief of Staff for Administration is double hatted as the Commanding Officer, Staff. In this assignment he reports to the Chief of Staff and is tasked with ensuring the good order and discipline of the staff and oversight of command managed non operational programs.

Commanding Officer, Enlisted Staff - Code 10

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3320

Executive Officer - Enlisted - Code 002

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3233

Command Career Counselor - Code 10CC

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3191

Command Administration - Code 11

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3146

Force Contracting Officer

The Force Contracting Officer leads the supply and contract administration branch in the procurement of all goods and services for the headquarters staff. Additionally, the Force Contracting Officer reviews and processes all analytical support contracting actions for the headquarters staff and test and evaluation squadrons in support of mission accomplishments.

Force Contracting Officer - Code 14

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3097