Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Forces

COTF Policy / Operations / Training

The Policy Division provides test and evaluation policy interpretation, implementation and standardization across all warfare and support divisions.

The Policy Division provides the training needed by the Force to learn and comply with current planning, test, evaluation, and reporting standards. The command’s requirements for Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses and certifications are managed by Policy Division.

We provide fleet resource scheduling services for both East and West coast Fleet assets. The Resource Enhancement Program (REP) is managed within 01A to help close testing capability gaps. Navy targets required for OT&E are managed within 01A as well.

Additionally, the Policy Directorate coordinates multi-service operational test policy with the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Air Force operational test agencies and is the primary liaison with congressional staffs, Government Accounting Office and other outside agencies.

Policy Points Of Contact

Policy Director - Code 01A

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3289

Deputy Policy Director - Code 01A1

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3050

Deputy Policy Director - Code 01A2

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3150


Training is part of Policy (Code 01A). Training performs a variety of tasks, which include:

  • Scheduling and presentation of the OTD Course and the Integrated Evaluation Framework Course
  • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) course tracking and assistance
  • Maintenance of KMS training topics on the KMS
  • Scheduling of periodic MS Office Courses
  • Maintenance and execution of the annual training budget
  • Payment and registration for conferences, symposia, and training by commercial vendors
  • Scheduling of other courses that may arise (such as Modeling and Simulation)
  • Classroom maintenance and scheduling

Training Director - Code 01A4

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3069

Fleet Resources & Targets

Scheduling Fleet Resources - Code 01A5/3

Atlantic (757) 282-5546 Ext. 3284
Pacific (619) 553-4568

Resource Enhancement - Code 01A7

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3290/3220

Target Resources - Code 01A72

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3394

Policy Editors

Staff Editor - Code 01AE

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3088

Technical Writer/Editor - Code 01AE1

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3245

Technical Writer/Editor - Code 01AE3

(757) 282-5546 Ext. 3047