Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Forces

CMC's Corner


Welcome to Operational Test and Evaluation Force. When you report onboard you will become a part of a highly professional team that maintains high standards. Team performance is the backbone of the Navy’s ability to fight effectively and, as a member of the COMOPTEVFOR’s team; much will be demanded of you. You will be expected to demonstrate the qualities of honor, courage and commitment that are the hallmarks of our Navy. You will be challenged to work hard and to accept huge responsibilities. You will gain skills in the Acquisition community and you will develop as a leader. You will then be expected to use the knowledge you have acquired to mentor the people in your charge. I take very seriously my responsibility to help you realize the expectations you have from the Navy. Improving your quality of life and fostering both your personal and professional growth is job one for me. COMOPTEVFOR’s chain of command is completely committed to ensuring you are aware of the many opportunities available in today’s Navy, and I will assist you in taking full advantage of them. Set your goals, and go after them! Personal and professional successes are the rewards you can expect for your hard work and dedication. Whether you choose the Navy as a career, or serve your only tour of duty here at COMOPTEVFOR, the experience you gain here will stay with you forever. You will be able to take pride in having served your country in the greatest Navy. I look forward to meeting you personally, and to serving with you at this great command. We strive to ensure that all new shipmates receive a “Welcome Aboard” package. I take the sponsorship program very seriously. If you’ve received orders on short notice, contact me directly prior to or during your transfer. Good communications will certainly make your transition smoother.

Command Master Chief
David I. Byrd

Every Sailor (that we are aware of) reporting for duty aboard COMOPTEVFOR is assigned a sponsor. If you have received orders to the command, but have not yet spoken with your sponsor, e-mail me or call me directly (757) 282-5525 with your name, rate, phone # where you can be reached and estimated time of arrival and your sponsor will contact you. Please explore the rest of the web site for additional information at your earliest opportunity.


CMDCM (SW/AW/IDW) David I. Byrd, U.S. Navy
Command Master Chief