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Gonzalo Castañeda Herrera

Lieutenant Gonzalo Castañeda Herrera

IANTN Assistant Secretary
For Information & Instruction
Lieutenant Gonzalo Castañeda Herrera
Peruvian Navy

Lieutenant Gonzalo Castañeda Herrera

Lieutenant Castañeda is native of Callao, Peru, born April 5th 1982. He attended the Peruvian Naval Academy and Graduated in December 27th 2003, receiving his commission in January 2004.

Lieutenant Castañeda is a Surface Warfare Officer, has completed the Basic Staff Course at the Peruvian Naval War and has a Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering degree from University of Piura.

His career as a surface officer includes assignments on board missile guided frigates BAP. "Mariategui" (FM-54) and BAP. "Aguirre" (FM-55). In 2009 he became the Commanding Officer (CO) of the riverine ship BAP. "Morona" (ABH-302) at the Amazon River basin at the Amazon Command.

He has also served on board corvette BAP. "Sanchez Carrión" (CM-26). Between September of 2011 and August of 2013, he served as Flag Aide of Admiral Tejada, current Chief of the Peruvian Navy.

On September 2013 he assumed as Assistant Secretary for Information and Instruction of the Inter-American Naval Telecommunications Network, in Mayport, Florida.