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To view a video:

1. Right click on the video link
2. Click on “Save Target As”
3. Select folder where you'd like to save the video

In addition, try the Naval Safety Center YouTube Channel at
We currently have more than 100 videos available.

Little D.I. On Seat Belts -- (On YouTube)

Using Class C Mishaps to Prevent Class A Mishaps - (42.8MB) -- RDML K. J. Norton urges leaders to look at Class C mishaps as possible precursors of Class B and Class A mishaps.

Sleep/Fatigue Videos and Resources -- These videos focus on the need for high-quality sleep, the risks of fatigue, and the role of adequate rest in readiness and mishap prevention.

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) - (45.8MB) -- Also available as a playable DVD or a high-definition .wmv file on CD. To obtain a copy, call (757) 444-3520, ext. 7148 or send an e-mail to

RDML Norton Holiday/Winter PSA - (42.1MB)

Motorcycle Safety -- "Slow Motion" - (12.0MB)

Keep What You've Earned -- How alcohol-related incidents can harm lives and careers.

Videos Featuring the Character"Mishap"

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