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The Fire Protection Division supports the functions of the Executive Assistant in matters pertaining to shore-based Fire and Emergency Services. The program collects, analyzes, prepares fire reports, submits computerized summaries of fire data and annual fire loss reports to over 650 DoD Fire and Emergency Services components. The program manages and maintains the DoD National Fire Incident Reporting System and provides responses of fire data for all service components. Act as a liaison with other federal agencies and private industry; the program researches new products, technical developments, trend data analysis and solutions to common fire problems. Serves as the DoD fire data collection agency for the exchange of information between various DoD service components, Naval support agencies, CNIC, and internal agencies. The program provides consultative services, data research and metric takings, and assists in mishap investigations for Navy and Marine Corps activities upon request.


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Telephone: (757) 444-3520, ext. 7169

DSN: 564-3520, ext. 7169