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Spring-Summer 2013

Sea Compass Spring-Summer 2013. Cover photo by MCC John S. Stadelman/USN Back Cover -The Navy's "Keep What You've Earned" campaign encourages responsible drinking. 
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Sailors and Navy leaders work together in identifying common factors that cause mishaps. Awareness, a behavioral skill valuable in crew resource management, helps identify factors that increase the potential for error. The articles featured in this issue show how they use time critical and deliberate processes to mitigate mishaps.


Experience, TCRM Instrumental in Scuba Rescue by Lt. Cmdr. John Cooke, CTW-5
Author uses his training during a medical intervention that saves the life of a diver in critical condition.

The Bold, the Daring and the Stressed 
Special from the Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control
USS Decatur (DDG 73) leaders and Sailors keep a watchful eye on each other while meeting high op-tempo demands.

Is OPTEMPO Driving Us to Fall Asleep at the Wheel? by EMCM (SW/AW) Frank Valdepeña, Naval Safety Center
Sleep deprivation can have the same effect as alcohol consumption. Adequate rest and sleep reduce fatigue.


Commander's Message
Focus on Readiness 
Rear Adm. Kenneth "K.J." Norton talks about improving situational awareness and being ready to prevent mishaps with critical thinking and careful planning.

Safety in History
THRESHER: Cold War Casualty
 by David Sears, Author/Historian/Former Naval Officer
Remembering the tragic loss of USS Thresher (SSN 593) and the 129 lives, whose sacrifice led to the establishment of a world-renowned quality assurance program (SUBSAFE).

Awareness Campaign
Navy Launches New Campaign Promoting Responsible Drinking Special from the Navy Personnel Command
Sailors take part in developing awareness and prevention products that focus on their accomplishments in their Navy careers.

Disaster Planning Checklist 
Emergency Preparedness
Know what to do when disaster strikes. Featuring recommendations from the American Red Cross and other safety agencies, the checklist offers survival tips.


Editor's Note
An Issue of Awareness
Use ORM resources to catch errors before they occur.

What Sailing Taught Me About Life, and Vice Versa by Rear Adm. Mark H. "Buz" Buzby
A seasoned seafarer, former Military Sealift Command leader shares his perspectives on maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Best Practice
The Real Value of $3 Safety Glasses by GSE3 (SW) Kayode Adewole
Was it luck or PPE? Following protocol and requirements averts potential eye injury.

Occupational Safety
How Much Does It Weigh? by Gunnery Sgt. Amber Allison, Naval Safety Center
Forklift operation, on the ship or shipyard dock, requires strict adherence to procedures.

ORM Playbook
Personal Firearms, Personal Responsibility by GMC (SW) Barry Cramer, Naval Safety Center
How not to become a victim of accidental shooting. Get proper training and follow basic guidelines for weapon handling, storage and cleaning.

Ask the Experts
Mobile, Portable or Personal: Do You Know the Difference? 
by EMCM (SW) Matthew Kerridge, Naval Safety Center
Get smart about managing electrical/electronic equipment you bring and operate onboard.

Check Exhaust Ducts for Hazardous Gas Leaks by GSCS (SW) Noah Lopez, Naval Safety Center

Storing Disinfectants by HMC (SW/AW/FMF) Randahl Benson, Naval Safety Center

Off Duty

Seconds Count in Preventing Poolside Tragedies by Wanda M. Walters
Prevent a drowning by knowing the dangers, using a pool safety barrier and making rescue equipment available.

Mojave Solitude by Mario di Prete, Marine Corps Base Hawaii

In the Blink of an Eye by Evelyn Odango, Naval Safety Center

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