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Spring-Summer 2012

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COVER STORY: Training Day

Training Day by DC1 (SW) Hector Floresdiaz, Center for Naval Engineering Learning Site Pearl Harbor
Damage controlman and instructor DC1 Floresdiaz talks about what it takes to train and stay alive in a real fire and a training exercise.


Painful First Deployment by ENS Joshua Stewart, USS Carr (FFG 52)
Nutritional supplements get a Sailor in a painful situation whille deployed, when he didn't follow dosage instructions.


Letters, Feedback and Comments

SC News Wire
Naval Submarine School Claims Two NETC Safety Excellence Awards
ORM Magazine Now in Production

Viewpoint: Written in Blood by John Mapp, Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Ask the Experts: Questions, mysteries and unclear issues answered by Naval Safety Center safety experts.
How Many Sailors Does It Take to Change a Light Starter? by EMCM (SW/AW) Jim Burke
What's the Secret to a Successful Safety Survey? by ETC (SW) Jason Mobbs

SC Magazine Quiz: Test Your High-Risk Evolution Knowledge


Editor's Corner
On Managing Risks and Resources

Spotlight on Excellence: USS Benfold (DDG 65)
A Promise to Ride Well and Stay Alive
 by LT Noah Rich and ENS Caitlin Castello, USS Benfold (DDG 65)

You Be the Judge
Mishap Waiting to Happen
by HMC (SW/AW/FMF) Randahl S. Benson, Naval Safety Center

ORM Playbook
Damage Control: Can You Trust Your Gear? by Derek Nelson, Naval Safety Center

Safety and Health
What's In Your Water? by CWO4 Danny L. Royse, Naval Safety Center

Knowing When to Say 'Damn, It's Hot!' by HMC (SS) Christopher Harris, Naval Safety Center

Case Study
OPNAVINST 5100.19E? Never Heard of It
by FTC (SS) William Cahill, Naval Safety Center

Dive Locker
Diving Operation Essentials by CWO4 Robert Cassels

Best Practice
Two Checks (Together) Don't Make Right by ETC (SS) Kevin Dawson 

Sea Story
Pain in the Rear by MMCS (SS) Arthur Sisk, Naval Safety Center

Back-to-Basic Planned Maintenance System

Make Your Gear Seaworthy
 by EMCM (SW/AW) Frank Valdepena
Cleats vs. Hands by MMC (SS) Isaac Ingram
Keep Your Sub's Hatch Cover On by Tom Deatherage, Submarine Forces Atlantic
Don't Wash That Non-Skid! by LT Edward Alexander
Does Your Armory Have an SOP? by GMC Ramiro Salas

Off Duty
Control the Urge by LCDR Dave Williams, USS Makin Island (LHD 8)

The Helmet That Saved My Life by PR1 Thresa Crotz, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast

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