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Health Matters

For Your Eyes Only by HMC (SS) Christopher Harris, Fall 2011, pg.S&D4
Formula for Disaster: Lacking Sleep + Taking Shortcuts by FTC (SS) William Cahill, Fall 2011, pg. S&D5
Learning the Hard (Hat) Way by MMC (SS) Isaac Ingram, Fall 2011, pg. S&D5
What's In Your Water? by CWO4 Danny L. Royse, Spring-Summer 2012, pg. 20
Knowing When to Say "Damn, It's Hot!" by HMC (SS) Christopher Harris, Spring-Summer 2012, pg. 21
Managing Hearing Loss: The Military Paradox by LTCOL Mark Packer, M.D., Fall-Winter 2012/2013, pg. 27