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Inaugural Issue: Fall 2011

Sea Compass Magazine Inaugural Issue - Fall 2011. Cover photo by CMC (SW/NAC) Spike Call

COVER STORY: Charting the Way Ahead

Charting the Way Ahead: Leadership Focus
In this inaugural issue, leaders share their views on how all of us -- from leaders to the deck plate -- can control risks that threaten our people and mission.

A Message from VADM Rick Hunt, Commander, Naval Surface Forces
A Message from VADM John Richardson, Commander, Naval Submarine Forces
A Message from RADM Ted Branch, Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic
A Message from RADM Brian Prindle, Commander, Naval Safety Center


Protection, Safety of Fleet Electricians Reach New Heights 
By EMCM (SW) Jim Burke, Naval Safety Center
Advances in shipboard tecnnology poses an increased risk of electrocution for Navy electricians. A close look at the changes coming to regulations.   

Can You Escape After the Lights Go Out?
By DCC (SW/AW) John Ralston, Naval Safety Center
Some do's and don'ts of shipboard emergency evacuation. Make sure your damage-control marking system can help you get out.   


Editor's Letter
What a Production

Spotlight on Excellence
USS San Jacinto Crew Making a Difference

By Evelyn Odango

Best Practice
Pre-Survey Checklist: How We Got an A+
By LTJG Alexa Gibbs

Communication in the Galley: Steamed About Electric Steam Kettle
By CWO4 Danny L. Royse

Back-to-Basic Planned Maintenance System

(Tell Me Again) How'd You Lose Your Life Raft?
by LT Edward Alexander
The Cake No One Wants to Eat by April Phillips
No Room for Shortcuts by MMC (SW/AW) Esters Wright
Special Order: No Grease Fire With My Deep Fat Fryer, Please by LT Christine Davy
Room With a View by GSCS (SW) Esworth Carty

ORM Playbook
Same Ol' Brief May Be Missing the Point
By LT Jennifer Knot

Case Study
This Deck Operation Made the Hair on the Back of My Neck Stand
By ETC (SW) Jason Mobbs

Sea Story
If Only...Taken-for-Granted Hazard Strikes Back
By AM2 (AW) Justin Asprer

Off Duty
Fitness and Running: Listening to My Body Saved My Injured Knee
By LT Michelle A. Simmons

Seat Belts and Short Trips: The Short Ride That Cancelled My Holiday
By Evelyn Odango


Sea Compass Down Below. Cover photo by MC1 Jayme Pastoric


Dive Locker
Don't Wait Until It's Too Late
By NDC (DSW/EXW) Rebecca Jones

For Your Eyes Only
By HMC (SS) Christopher Harris

Formula for Disaster: Lacking Sleep + Taking Shortcuts
By FTC (SS) William Cahill

Learning the Hard (Hat) Way
By MMC (SS) Isaac Ingram

Sea Story
Zapped and Lived to Tell About It...This Time
By ETC (SS) Kevin Dawson

Best Practice
Situational Awareness: Prying Eyes

By MMCS (SS) Arthur Sisk


Safety First on the Waterfront
By CAPT Mark Whitney, PSNS&IMF

Thanks for the Hard Hat
By CDR Jason Garrett, COMPACFLT Hawaii

Condition of Equipment a Reflection of You
By GMC (SW) Ramiro Salas

Can You Hear Me Now?
By YN2 (SCW) Kevin Capelety, Surface Warfare Magazine

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