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Fall-Winter 2013

Sea Compass Fall-Winter 2013. Cover photo by Bill Kenny/Submarine Learning Center, Groton Back Cover photo by MC3 J. Michael Schwartz/USN 
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Submarine Sailors Train in 84,000-Gallon Pool by Bill Kenny, Submarine Learning Center, Groton
Officers and enlisted Sailors undergo intense training for pressurized ascent.

Flight Deck Emergency Training: As Real As It Gets by LT Jonathan Bacon, Naval Air Technical Training Center
Students and instructors from USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) take part in hands-on emergency scenarios.

Peril at Sea by LT James Walsh, HSM-51
HSM-51 detachment revisits flight-deck coordination with ship after Sailor fell overboard.

The Silent Hazard on the Flight Deck by LCDR Hector Ubiñas
An injury on USS New Orleans (LPD 18) prompts flight-deck team to pay attention to hatches.


Who Is Your Safety Manager Assistant? 
by LT Martelly Graham, Naval Safety Center
VCNO's signed memorandum directs creation of position for surface forces.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Know the Risks Associated With Welding
 by LCDR Richard Ray, Naval Safety Center
Whether the job is for a small bead or a fully-involved repair, wear the right PPE.

Cold Weather Survival
Recognizing and Preventing Frostbite, Hypothermia from the Naval Safety Center
Cold-related illnesses that are preventable.


Best Practice
Deficiency Becomes Training Material by CDR Rob Stephenson, USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75)
USS Harry S Truman safety team integrates fire-handling flaw into safety walkthrough.

Bringing Squadron Safety Afloat by CDR Ryan Dunn, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
Safety officer's mini culture workshop aboard USS Ronald Reagan proves beneficial.

Occupational Safety
Signs As Safety Tools? You Bet. by ETC (SS) Kevin Dawson, Naval Safety Center
Avoid potential hazards aboard a ship by posting appropriate markings where needed.

Light Bulb Explosion. by SN Richard Vasil, USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6)
Sailor skips eye-protection gear for mundane task then sits painfully in medical as a consequence.

Lessons Learned: USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
De-Energized vs. Tagged Out by AT1 Sherman Goodwin
Communication breaks down during shipboard electrical maintenance process.

Shocking Deficiencies by MM2 Pacifico Delafuente
Electrical mishap spurs shipboard procedural and communication changes.

There's Nothing Minor About Electric Shock 
Procedure compliance and communication apply at all times.

ORM Playbook
Confined Space Entry Checklist by DCC (SW/EXW) Justin Jones, Naval Safety Center
Get in there, but first, get familiar with guidelines to avoid potential dangers.

Ask the Experts
Standardizing Electrical Workbenches 
by EMCM (SW) Matthew Kerridge, Naval Safety Center
Know what to do if switching from mechanical to electrical.

Do You Have the Right Working Lanyards? by ETCS (SW/AW) Charlie Gauntt, Naval Safety Center
Return unauthorized fall-protection equipment.

Humidity Hazards by DCC (SW/EXW) Justin Jones, Naval Safety Center
Maintain portable extinguishers monthly.

Chains and Hoists by GSCS (SW) Noah Lopez, Naval Safety Center
Weight-handling equipment work well when maintained.

Potential Danger in the Sink by EMCM (SW) Matthew Kerridge, Naval Safety Center
Unauthorized waste disposals place Sailors at great risk.

Off Duty

What NOT to Wear Aboard a Boat by Mark Leishear, VX-23, Pax River
Choice of seasonal boat apparel and multitasking spell trouble for this veteran boater.

Boat Refresher Good for All Ages, Experience by John Scott, Naval Safety Center
New and seasoned boaters benefit from mandatory training as now required by 36 states.

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