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Charting the Way Ahead: Leadership Focus
A Message from VADM Rick Hunt, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Fall 2011, pg. 2
A Message from VADM John Richardson, Commander, Naval Submarine Forces, Fall 2011, pg. S&D 1
A Message from RADM Ted Branch, Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic, Fall 2011, pg. 2
A Message from RADM Brian Prindle, Commander, Naval Safety Center, Fall 2011, pg. 3

Into the Cold by HMC (DSW) Dean Del Favero, Winter 2011-2012, pg. 10
Training Day by DC1 (SW) Hector Floresdiaz, Spring-Summer 2012, pg. 12

Spotlight on Dive Safety
Managing Risks Underwater and Under Pressure by MC2 (SW/AW) Dominique Canales, Fall-Winter 2012/2013, pg. 8
Casualty Drills in Korea: Cooperation and Safety Abroad by CEC (SCW/MDV) Terence Juergens, Fall-Winter 2012/2013, pg. 12