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Pre-Survey Checklist: How We Got an A+ by LTJG Alexa Gibbs, Fall 2011, p. 12
Communication in the Galley: Steamed About Electric Steam Kettle by CWO4 Danny L. Royse, Fall 2011, pg. 13
Situational Awareness: Wild Weather Driving by Mac Demere, Winter 2011-2012, pg. 12
Policies and Procedures: Two Checks (Together) Don't Make Right by ETC (SS) Kevin Dawson, Spring-Summer 2012, pg. 24
No Need for That Midnight Oil by LTJG Aaron Getty, Fall-Winter 2012/2013, pg. 20
Lessons for a Long Cruise by Sam Fellman, Fall-Winter 2012/2013, pg. 21