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Sea Compass Inaugural Issue Fall 2011

The Magazine for Surface, Submarine and Dive Safety

Our mission is to deliver relevant, interesting and useful material to help with the Department of the Navy's mishap-prevention efforts. We want our magazine to be about you and your stories. With your inputs, we provide a comprehensive source of information on risk management, personal experiences, new ideas, best practices, lessons learned, and future initiatives.

The stories we tell promote a mindset where risk management is an active process in decisions you make on and off duty. Our contributing writers help you, from their personal experiences, recognize the factors that increase the potential for errors, and make you aware of the tools available to help minimize those risks. We welcome your story submissions and news articles.

Sea Compass has a readership of more than 8,000 Sailors, Marines, and civilians. They are personnel on ships, submarines, hospital ships, sealift commands, diving schools, surface warfare schools, and shore commands. We want to thank our contributing writers, military and civilian photographers, and technical reviewers for their time and expertise.


Contents are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. government. Photos and artwork are for illustrative purposes only, unless otherwise noted. Reference to commercial products or links to non-DoD resources do not imply Department of the Navy endorsement. Unless otherwise stated, material in this publication may be reprinted without permission; please credit the magazine and author. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for clarity and applicability.

Submit your story ideas and articles to You may also write directly to: Commander, Naval Safety Center, ATTN: Sea Compass, 375 A Street, Norfolk, VA 23511-4399. Please refer to our “Writer Guidelines and Photo Requirements” available at Sea Compass is published twice yearly and distributed to ships, submarines, diving commands, shore-based commands, and DoD agencies. Sea Compass (ISSN 1550- 1434) is published by Commander, Naval Safety Center, at 375 A Street, Norfolk, VA 23511-4399. Periodical postage paid at Norfolk, Va. 


Editorial Office:

Commander, Naval Safety Center
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Commander, Naval Safety Center
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Afloat mishap line: DSN 564-1562 / 7130
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