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Mech magazine was welcomed into the fleet in 1961. As the aviation-maintenance safety magazine for the Navy and Marine Corps, it has provided stories, information, procedures and most of all, a venue to raise safety awareness among our aviation maintainers. It is written by maintainers for maintainers and is credited as a critical part of a continually improving safety record in Naval Aviation.

Whether you are part of the supply system or the maintenance support team, or if you're the professional who turns the wrench while working on a state-of-the-art jet or helo, Mech magazine plays a key role in mission accomplishment. With inputs from the fleet, our Naval Safety Center staff, and systems experts, Mech helps get the aircraft mission ready and flying.

Don't forget, Mech highlights individuals and commands who have earned recognition in the popular Bravo Zulu features. Published semiannually, it appears online in PDF and our website.



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