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Mishaps cost time and resources. They take our Sailors, Marines and civilian employees away from their units and workplaces and put them in hospitals, wheelchairs and coffins. Mishaps ruin equipment and weapons. They diminish our readiness. In order to prevent mishaps, the Naval Safety Center publishes these magazines to give knowledge of risk management to the fleet through articles written by the fleet for the fleet.

Approach Magazine contains first-person "There I was" stories that have been the basis for Approach since its inception. This sharing of stories also has bonded naval aviators -- past and present -- to one another and to the profession itself. Picture yourself with a damaged aircraft, operating in blue water with a pitching deck and enough gas for one, maybe two, approaches, and you have everything needed for a "There I was" story.

Mech Magazine helps make sure that aircraft maintainers can devote their time and energy to the mission. We believe there is only one way to do any task: the way that follows the rules and takes precautions against hazards. Combat is hazardous; the time to learn to do a job right is before combat starts.

Sea Compass Magazine tells stories to promote a mindset where risk management is an active process in decisions you make on and off duty. Our contributing writers help you, from their personal experiences, recognize the factors that increase the potential for errors, and make you aware of the tools available to help minimize those risks.

Decisions Magazine is your source of information for managing risk, removing the potential for error, and improving performance on or off duty. You will find articles about best practices, lessons learned, technological advances, research and development, new ideas, personal experiences, and risk-and-resource management strategies.


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