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 Aviation Class A Mishaps

As of 04 Jan 2015 


Class A Flight Mishaps


  • 21 Dec 2014: (Kuwait) MH-60S rolled over while conducting practice landings. 3 injured, no fatalities.


  • 13 Oct 2014: (MCAS Yuma, AZ) ALQ-99 pod departed EA-6B during tactical maneuvering.
  • 01 Oct 2014: (NAG) MV-22 sustained engine degradation after takeoff from ship. Aircraft was able to recover aboard ship. Both crew chiefs egressed from aircraft. One crew chief lost at sea.


Class A Aviation UAS/UAV, Flight Related and Ground Mishaps


  • No mishap this FY.


  • 14 Oct 2014: (MCAS New River, NC) AH-1W sustained damage from a rotor brake fire during start. (AGM)


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