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Aviation Safety Survey Daily Plan


TBD:  Two members of the Survey Team arrive at squadron for Maintenance Meeting and FOD Walk Down.

0730:  Remainder of Survey Team arrives. (We respectfully request a space with a table and 12 chairs so team members can discuss results and type reports.  We will bring our own laptops and printer).

0745:  In-Brief with unit CO (and any other personnel that he deems necessary)

0800:  In-Brief with key squadron personnel based on availability (CO, XO, Dept heads, ASO, GSO, Schedule writers, Flight Surgeon, MMCO, MCO, Maint Chief, and Maintenance POCs for areas receiving survey (i.e. 4790.2 program managers and workcenter supervisors, etc.)

0815 - TBD:  Conduct Aviation Safety Survey

TBD: Debrief with CO and other squadron personnel as requested by the CO.  The Survey Team will have the following personnel at the debrief: Team OIC, Flight Surgeon, Maintenance Officer, Maintenance Master Chief, and others as required.  Debriefs typically start around 1530 plus or minus 30 minutes depending on the size of the unit and the number of items identified by the team.  Debriefs typically last 30-45 minutes.