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Aviation Safety Surveys

Aviation safety surveys are a cornerstone of the naval aviation safety program. They provide COs and OICs with a snapshot of the command's overall safety posture and climate, along with the tools to achieve process improvement. An aviation safety survey isn't an inspection. It is a review of all maintenance, operations, training, aeromedical, and safety programs. 

It's a one day look and is conducted on a not-to-interfere basis (normal flight schedule, meetings, etc). The relationship of the survey team to the surveyed unit is that of a consultant to a client. The survey team consists of 13 officer and senior enlisted Navy & Marine Corps personnel.

Surveys are available to all USN and USMC active and reserve aviation organizational and intermediate-level activities. Recommendations and results are debriefed to the unit CO and are not releasable by the survey team outside of the command surveyed. Aggregate results of some surveys are shared as best practices and lessons learned.

To schedule a survey, unit ASOs are encouraged to contact the CODE 12 Scheduling Officer at (your unit CO/XO must be CCed). Deployable squadrons that have not been surveyed in more than three years will be given priority. Survey request for commands in the Norfolk area will be conducted on a case-by-case basis scheduled around the regional plan. 

* For a detailed survey SOP, click the following link:

Aviation Safety Survey Daily Plan

Aviation Safety Survey Checklist

Aviation Safety Survey Top 10 


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