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  Are You At Risk?

 Enhancements to TRiPS include:

  • One time registration
  • Improved user email compatibility
  • Multi-leg, round-trip and one-way travel
  • Mapping upgrade with support service interface
  • Road construction, weather and hazard notification
  • Smartphone apps (coming soon)
  • User load capability
  • Off-line pdf available
  • Re-designate service for joint-service environment
  • Recreational vehicle and trailer towing planner

Questions or concerns email the Navy TRiPS manager at

It's a horrible job telling a family that their loved one is dead.  It is even more sobering when it happened in a POV.

TRiPS is a mission planning tool and your drive is your mission. Will this program prevent you from having an accident? NO! This assessment is designed to reinforce common sense driving such as: staying alert, not drinking, getting adequate sleep, wearing your seatbelt, and slowing down.  You will also read true accident stories that happened to real Service Members -- just like you driving home on leave.

So do your part. Fill out TRiPS and have your supervisior review it. Be aware of driving risks and take appropriate action.

The new program will require all user's to re-register. The initial registration will require the use of a CAC card.  This is a one time registration, users will no longer be required to register a new account every time your military email address changes.  After registration a user can access TRiPS via CAC or your user name and password. The new URL accessing TRiPS is: https://TRIPS.SAFETY.ARMY.MIL/.

TRiPS User Guide

TRiPS Off-line Assessment Form - To use the Off-line Assessment Form a user and their supervisor must have an account in the new TRiPS.

Contact Info: 757-444-3520 Ext: 7842 | POC:
Last Reviewed: June 5, 2014