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     Policy and guidance for reporting a mishap is contained in OPNAVINST 5102.1 / MCO P5102.1 Navy & Marine Corps Mishap and Safety Investigation, Reporting and Record Keeping.












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EMR - Explosive Mishap Reports(s) are submitted for any mishap (accident or incident) involving conventional ordnance, ammunition, explosives, explosives systems and devices resulting in an unintentional, firing, deflagration, burning, launching of ordnance material (including all ordnance impacting off-range), leaking or spilled propellant fuels and oxidizers (less OTTO II fuel) or chemical release. These reports are sent to the Naval Safety Center via the Web Enabled Safety System (WESS) for all events that meet the severity classification of a Class A, B, C or D mishap.


Hazard/Near Miss - All incidents which do not meet the reportable threshold requirements of a mishap, however is information that is valuable in the mitigation of mishap occurrences and/or re-occurrence i.e. negligent discharges without injury and/or property damage.


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