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    The following documents govern CAST safety procuedures in the Navy and Marine Corps.  Because the documents are restricted they can't be placed on this portal so a link is provided for your convenience.   

                      - M350-6, Special Operations Forces Baseline Interoperable Rotary Wing/Tiltrotor Infiltration/Exfiltration Training Standards

                       * This is SOCOM publication that can be obtained via official request to USSOCOM 


                      - MCO 3500.42B, Marine Corps Heilcopter / Tiltrotor Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) Policy and Program Administration

                       * This is a newly updated publication.  When approved it can be downloaded on the Marine Corps homepage


                      - MCRP 3-11.3A, Special Forces Waterborne Operations

                       * This publication can be acessed via the Marine Corps Doctrine website


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*Last Reviewed March 17, 2014*