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Safety Surveys

The primary means for Code 44 to assist the Fleet/Operating Forces in preventing mishaps is by conducting safety surveys. Per the guidance/direction of the Naval Safety Center Commander, all Safety Surveys will remain between the requesting unit and the Naval Safety Center and no punitive action can be taken as a result of negative findings.

The following areas can be looked at during a safety survey:

  - Range procedures
  - Unit Standing Operating Procedures (SOP)
  - Logistics operations:  motor transport, landing support, engineering, ammo
  - Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
  - High risk training
  - Recreational and Off Duty Safety (RODS)
  - Explosive Safety
  - Parachute / HRST operations
  - Ship-to-shore operations
  - Operational Risk Managment

Request Procedures:

 1) Contact someone within code 44 to begin discussions on desires (date and areas) for safety survey 

  - (757) 444-3520 x 7147/7153/7198/7161/7170

 2) Send signed copy of survey request form (below)

 3) Code 44 representative will notify requesting unit upon approval/disapproval  


  - Naval Safety Center Survey Policy

 Request Format

  - Checklist

POC: 757-444-3520 Ext. 7198 l
Last Reviewed March 17, 2014