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DJRS User Resources

Welcome to the Parachuting DJRS user resources page. Here you can access valuable documents to assist in navigating DJRS.

Click on the following link to access the DJRS profile request form:

 Multiple DJRS Profile Request form

 Individual DJRS Profile Request form

Completely fill out form with required information and email to (JUMP) or (DIVE)

The following links contain step-by-step power point presentations designed to help users create and manage accounts (Updated 12 Oct 2012):

Mod 1-  DJRS Introduction  Mod 2 - Request Account  Mod 3 - Manifest Creation
Mod 4- Advanced Admin Roles  Mod 5 - Reports and Misc Functions  Mod 6 - School House use only



Click icon to launch Dive Jump Reporting System (DJRS)


POC: 757-444-3520 Ext. 7837 (DIVE) 7744 (JUMP)  

*Last Reviewed JUNE 5, 2014*