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The Fires subject matter experts at the Naval Safety Center can provide safety surveys, statistical analysis, and feedback to the Fleet and Operating Forces regarding Naval Gun Fire, M777, HIMARS, and mortar operations.


  Fires Safety Trends in the Fleet

    1.) Geometry of fires

    2.) Ricochet hazards and anomolies

    3.) Ricochet danger area (RDA) issues

    4.) SDZ recertification/revalidation 


  Artillery Safety Documents

    - 3-10: Suspension of M825 low angle fire   

    - 3-11:  Update to SOUM 3-10   

    - 3-11B:  Enclosure (1) to 3-11 (diagram)


    - Artillery ORM

Contact Info: 757-444-3520 Ext. 7161 l POC:

*Last Reviewed March 17, 2014*