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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Service Uniform (SU)
Article 3602






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This section, supported by the articles in Chapter 3, section 5 (3501 series), describes new uniform components for the E-6 and below Service Uniform (SU) and pertain to all E6 and below personnel unless speci­fied otherwise.  During the uniform transition periods, this section should be used in conjunction with the rest of the Uniform Regulations.  All existing uniforms will continue to be authorized for wear until the SU mandatory wear date, July 2010. 


Occasion for wear  

The SU is intended for year-round wear and will replace the Summer White and Winter Blue uniforms.  The SU is authorized to be worn for office work, watchstanding, liberty or business ashore when prescribed as the uniform of the day.  The mandatory wear date for all E1-E6 personnel is July 2010.


Manner of wear 

Collar insignia 4227, ribbons 5305-5312, warfare insignia 5201.2, identification badges 5101, name tags 5201.4, and undershirts 3501.101 shall be worn as prescribed in their respective articles.  Otherwise standard of appearance for all personnel wearing the SU is as follows