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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Trousers, Khaki, Service (Male Officers/CPOs)
Article 3501.94

Trousers, Khaki, Service (Male Officers/CPOs) 




Made of authorized fabric with fore and aft creases, belt loops, zippered fly front closure, and two side and back pockets.  May be straight legged or slightly flared.  The shirt and trousers fabric must match (i.e. poly/cotton with poly/cotton, CNT with CNT and poly/wool with poly/wool).  Effective 1 October 1999, poly/cotton may be worn only as Working Khaki.

Correct Wear

Button all buttons, close all fasteners, and wear a belt through all loops.  Trousers shall hang approximately 2 inches from the floor at the back of the shoe.  Trousers should be tailored to include a 2 inch hem to provide material for adjustments.