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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Trousers, Blue, Jumper (Broadfall)
(Males E6 and Below)
Article 3501.92


Trousers, Blue, Jumper (Broadfall)



Made of 100% navy blue wool serge with buttoned broadfall front, two front pockets and one right rear pocket, laced gusset at the back, and inverted side creases and flared legs.  Buttons are 25-line, and with black anchors.

Correct Wear  

Button all buttons and lace gusset from inside out, bottom to top, and tie.  Bitter ends of lace are tucked in.  Trousers shall hang approximately 2 inches from the floor at the back of the shoe.  Trousers should be tailored to include a 2 inch hem to provide material for adjustments.

Ownership Markings

Turn trousers inside out, fly down, waistband away from you.  Center surname, first and middle initial (if applicable) on rear pocket, a 1/4 of an inch below horizontal seam using white ink; complete manufacturer's tag using indelible ink.