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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Brassiere (Females)
Article 3501.6



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Shall be white or wearer's skin tone when worn with white

shirts, otherwise, color is optional.


Correct Wear
Wear right side out with all uniforms and with all fasteners



Ownership Markings

a. Brassiere with back clasp. Place brassiere flat, front down,

shoulder straps away from you.  Using a black permanent

marker, on the inside of the left strap starting 2 1/2" from the

end of the strap, print your initials and place a period following

each letter.



b.  Brassiere with front clasp/pullover.

    1.  Turn brassiere inside out, front down.  Using a black

permanent marker, print your initials with a period following

each letter, centered on the inside of the back strap along the bottom edge of the strap.

    2.  If there is a plastic clasp or other obstacle in the way,

write the initials to the immediate right.