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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Shoes, Dress (Black/Brown/White)
Article 3501.54


Brown Dress Shoe, Male



Dress White Shoe, Male


Dress Black Shoe, Male


 Black Dress Pump, Female


 Leather Black Dress Pump, Female



White Dress Pump, Female  




a. Males.  Plain toed, oxford style black, brown, or white, low quarter, lace shoe, made of smooth leather or synthetic leather.  The heel shall be an outside heel 3/4 inch - 7/8 inch high with a flat sole.

b. Females.  Plain black, brown or white dress pumps made of smooth leather or synthetic leather, with closed heels and toes.  Heels shall be no higher than approximately 2-5/8 inches nor less than approximately 5/8 inch measured from the forward edge, and no wider than approximately 1-3/4 inches at the base.  Sole shall be no thicker than approximately 1/4 inch.  Wedge heels are not authorized. 

Correct Wear  

Keep well shined and in good repair.  Lace shoes from inside out through all eyelets and tie.

a. For shipboard restrictions, refer to article 1101.5.

b. Navy certified brown leather shoes and khaki socks are optional for personnel E-7 and above with khaki uniforms. 

Ownership Markings 

Initials only inside, near the top.