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Description and Wear of Uniform Components
Overcoat, Blue
Article 3501.39


 Blue Overcoat



a. Male Officers/CPOs.  A double-breasted coat made of blue woolen fabric.  May be water repellent treated and fitted with removable sleeveless liner.  Extends one-third the distance from kneecap to ground, shaped at waist, held by a two section half-belt at back with the end of the belt overlapped and fastened with two 40-line Navy eagle, gilt buttons.  There is a sword slit over left hip, a vertical slash side pocket on each front, and a single row of five 40-line Navy eagle, gilt buttons down each forefront.  The collar is made so that the coat may be buttoned to the neck.  There are two loops on each shoulder for hard shoulder boards.  Required buttons are described in article 5403.

b. Female Officers/CPOs.  A double-breasted, water repellent coat made of dark blue napped woolen or worsted fabric, and may be fitted with a removable sleeveless liner.  The overcoat has a single row of four 40-line Navy eagle, gilt buttons on each forefront.  A strap on each shoulder is fastened at inner end by a 24-line black plastic button.  Required buttons are described in article 5403.

Ownership Markings

On designated nameplate; and inside left front panel.